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World-renowned professors and top academic programs make NEBRASKA a dynamic place to begin your career.

Majors »

Choose from nearly 150 majors and 100 graduate programs.

Research »

UCARE is our nationally-acclaimed undergraduate research program that gives you the hands-on experience you desire, and the opportunity to work one-on-one with expert faculty research advisors.

Honors, Advanced & Leadership programs »

We recognize the extra effort you took in high school through AP, IB and CLEP advanced programs.

We have a long tradition of educating high-achieving students from around the world with our honors and leadership programs.

Transfer Credit & Dual Enrollment »

Transfer credit is any post-secondary credit earned at an institution outside the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Dual enrollment credit is what is earned when you receive both high school and college credit for a course. Dual enrollment courses are evaluated as transfer credit.

Travel & Learning Opportunities

Share your skills and experiences in another country, or stay close-to-home and help your local community.

Service Learning »

Service events bring UNL students, faculty, and staff together to meet the needs of the larger Lincoln community.

Education Abroad »

Go big places! Immerse yourself in experiences that take you beyond the classroom, with the chance to study in more than 50 countries and 140 universities.

First-Year Experience Office & Transitions Program »

We know your first year in college will bring new challenges. We want you to know, you're not alone.

We have people you can lean on to make campus feel just like home. We'll also help you build the skills you need for academic success through:

Explore Center »

Your academic advising home if you're undecided on a major, transitioning between majors or entering as a pre-health, or pre-law student. We'll help you discover how your interests, skills, and values will connect you with a major.

Career Services »

We help you make a connection between your major and future career path. From the very beginning, you'll have access to the people and resources you need to:

  • explore careers that fit your major
  • discover internship and job opportunities
  • network with employers
  • take the next step in your academic career through graduate study