Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

Designed to Help You Complete Your Degree As Quickly As Possible

  • Avoid paying for a 5th and 6th year, lowering your overall cost of attending college.
  • Get an early start on your career or admission into graduate school.

Program Requirements

The four-year guarantee for graduation relies on a mutual commitment from you, to follow a list of guidelines, and from us to ensure that required courses or acceptable alternatives are available

To be eligible:

  • Make sure you meet high school course requirements for UNL enrollment.
  • Select a course of study that’s intended for completion in four years. Check with your admission counselor to determine if your major qualifies.
  • Select your major early, and stay with that major throughout your academic career.

Then, you do your part by:

  • Working closely with your academic advisor.
  • Signing up early for classes during each semester’s pre-registration period.
  • Registering for and completing 15-18 credit hours per semester.
  • Working at a job fewer than 20 hours per week.
  • Notifying the department chair right away when a required course is not available.

And we’ll do ours by:

  • Developing a four-year plan that will help keep you on track.
  • Guaranteed enrollment in courses that permit graduation in four years.
  • Providing acceptable course alternatives or substitutions if it’s not possible to register for a required course.

Working together, we make great things happen. Contact your admission counselor to see if you qualify.