Nutrition ScienceCollege of Education and Human Sciences

What you will learn

The Nutrition Science major provides you with the opportunity to intensively study the biological and physical sciences as a basis for understanding the science of nutrition. This pre-professional major will allow you to meet the admissions requirements for most professional health care programs while obtaining a bachelor's degree in a closely-related health care area. This option will also prepare you to enter graduate programs in nutrition.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities include research laboratories and pharmaceutical sales, and positions such as Physician, Physician's Assistant, Dentist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, or Pharmacist.

The NEBRASKA difference

We have nationally and internationally recognized faculty, and a challenging curriculum tailored to meet each student's educational plan of study. Students will be able to experience hands-on research experience working with a faculty member in your area of interest, and be involved with pre-professional requirements for most healthcare and research professions allowing comprehensive preparation for graduate education.

Internships / Clubs

Nutrition and Health Promotion Association


The Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences is located in the newly renovated Ruth Leverton Hall on East Campus. This facility contains research laboratories for the study of molecular nutrition, research laboratories for the study of nutritional biochemistry and physiology, state-of-the-art analytical equipment and research technology, and computer laboratories for nutrient analysis of food.


  • Concetta DiRusso - Neutrogenomist
  • Janos Zemplini - Molecular Nutrition
  • Julie Albrecht - Extension Food Specialist working worldwide on issues of food safety