Construction ManagementCollege of Engineering

What you will learn

Professionals in construction management make up the most diversified industry in the nation. As constructors, these individuals provide leadership for managing, coordinating, and supervising the construction processes during the concept development, design, and construction and facility management stages. Students will spend time at a building site as well as managing the contracts, execution of the building plans, and quality assurance. As part of the college's Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction, students will also enjoy innovative research and hands-on opportunities outside the classroom. There is a high demand for UNL graduates in this area.

Career Opportunities

Student's work can lead to such areas as highway/heavy construction; construction finance, marketing, management, or design/development; or mechanical/electrical or residential construction.

Recent employers include Black & Veatch, Hawkins Construction, Hardrock Concrete Placement Co. Inc., Johnson Controls, Lusardi Construction, Peter Kiewit & Sons, Oakview Construction, The Weitz Co., Western Construction Group, and Waldinger.

The NEBRASKA difference

The Construction Management program is part of The Durham School in the UNL College of Engineering, which is the only program in the nation to combine architectural engineering, construction engineering and construction management, offering students an integrated building system education. Students benefit from enhanced industry participation, study abroad opportunities, and research.

Internships / Clubs

Notable internships, clubs and organizations include the Associated General Contractors of America, the Design-Build Institute of America, Mechanical Electrical Specialty Contractors, the National Association of Home Builders, and Sigma Lambda Chi (Construction Honorary).


Our labs include drafting and engineering graphics (e.g., AutoCAD), estimating and scheduling, electrical systems, building structural systems, and building mechanical systems.


We are known as one of the top construction management programs in the United States, and have been fully-accredited by the American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) since 1967.


Students can work with faculty on such projects as the DOE Building America Program to help improve the energy efficiency of American homes. UNL is one of the only 15 research teams across the nation selected by the U.S. Department of Energy. Students also benefit from industry professionals who teach at the school.