UndecidedExploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center

What you will learn

Students who are undecided on a major have the opportunity to explore more than 150 UNL majors and 200 minors/emphasis areas.  Advisers in the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center, in strong collaboration with professionals in Career Services, guide students in academic, self, and career exploration processes.  Students are encouraged to use their elective hours early to learn more about their academic areas of interest and develop their academic abilities through exploratory and general education course work.  Advisers engage students in the development of critical thinking and decision-making skill sets needed to select a major.  Students also learn how to connect with academic and student support centers through their personalized student success network that is easily identified to them in MyPLAN (a function of the online blackboard portal).

Career Opportunities

In addition to exploring academic areas of study with their academic adviser in the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center, students are connected to an abundance of career and major exploration resources provided by Career Services.  Students use in-depth career assessments to learn more about their specific interests, skills, and values and career counselors help students connect what they learn about themselves to possible majors and careers.  The "Career Guide to UNL Undergraduate Majors" published by Career Services has information on jobs, education and internships of recent UNL graduates in specific majors, and allows students to see how their academic interests may connect to future careers.  The Guided Professional Shadowing Program allows students the unique opportunity to shadow professionals in the Lincoln community to as a part of their career exploration.

The NEBRASKA difference

Approximately 70% of students nationwide change their major during college at least once. UNL is dedicated to serving students who are undecided on a major and has a dynamic Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center staffed with advisers who are committed to helping students engage in major exploration and declaration processes.  Undecided students are all assigned to a one-on-one advising relationship with an academic adviser who can discuss degree requirements for any major UNL has to offer.  UNL's shared Achievement-Centered Education program allows students to select general education courses that will easily transfer from one major to another across all colleges, allowing undecided students to take a variety of courses of interest that will keep them on track for a four-year graduation plan no matter which UNL college and major they choose.