Plant BiologyCollege of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

What you will learn

Students in the Plant Biology major explore plants at the molecular, cellular, organismal, whole plant, and ecological levels. Along with coursework, a research project is required for graduation. The degree in Plant Biology is designed for students who enjoy the science behind plant growth, development, and management. Many students completing this degree pursue advanced degrees in plant breeding, genetics or other related plant areas.

Career Opportunities

With a degree in Plant Biology, careers are possible as an ecosystem manager, plant breeder, educator, environmental consultant, field biologist, plant ecologist, medical professional, and genetic engineer.

The NEBRASKA difference

In addition to an internship, this major requires a significant research experience. This major is spread across four administrative units - Agronomy and Horticulture, School of Biological Sciences, School of Natural Resources, and the Center for Plant Science Innovation. The diverse background of the faculty involved with this major allows students to create a program and research project that is specific to their interests. This program has a high level of student-faculty interaction.

Internships / Clubs

Plant Biology internships are available across Nebraska and the United States. Students are involved with horticultural and agricultural research internships along with educational outreach internships.