Forensic ScienceCollege of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

What you will learn

A Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a great way to transform your passion for science and discovery into a career with a very real and meaningful impact on society. 

We have two options for students to specialize in:

  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) – prepares you to collect, preserve and interpret physical evidence using standard crime scene investigation and evidence analysis techniques.
  • Forensic Biochemistry – prepares you to work in a laboratory setting, identifying and analyzing a wide range of biological evidence including DNA and body fluids such as blood and saliva.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities that are associated with the Forensic Science major include: Crime Scene Investigator, DNA Analyst, Criminalistics Specialist, Medical Examiner, Police Officer, Lawyer, Medical Doctor, Forensic Nurse, Forensic Dentist, Forensic Chemist or Forensic Anthropologist.

The NEBRASKA difference

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is one of only two Forensic Science undergraduate programs in the Big Ten.