Veterinary ScienceCollege of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

What you will learn

Program focus is on animal health. Prepare for a career in veterinary or biomedical science or microbiology. Prepare for a career in veterinary medicine as a veterinarian and earn a BS degree. Tailor your program to meet pre-veterinary medicine requirements for any college of veterinary medicine in North America. Qualify to apply to the veterinary college of your choice while you earn a BS degree. Completion does not guarantee you will be accepted to attend any veterinary college.

  • Complete the pre-veterinary medicine requirements for the veterinary college of their choice
  • Apply to and be accepted into an accredited veterinary college
  • Successfully complete the first two years at the veterinary college
  • Apply for a BS degree from UNL

Career Opportunities

  • Earn a BS degree, and prepare for a career in:
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Biomedical or veterinary research
  • Veterinary pharmaceutics
  • Animal production
  • Animal protection and conservation
  • Regulatory or governmental affairs
  • Qualify to apply to any accredited school or college of veterinary medicine in North America
  • Position you to continue your education in graduate school as a masters or doctoral student

The NEBRASKA difference

  • A unique undergraduate program for students interested in animal health and a career in veterinary or biomedical science
  • Take courses not available at any other college or university in Nebraska
  • Learn about animal health and diseases from scientists and veterinarians studying and diagnosing animal diseases
  • Learn about animals from animal scientists studying animal production and animal products
  • Gain experience in veterinary and animal production research, veterinary diagnostic services, and animal care as a student employee
  • Socialize and learn from other students interested in veterinary or biomedical as a career