ChemistryCollege of Arts and Sciences

What you will learn

Often described as the “central science,” chemistry focuses on the structure, properties, and synthesis of matter, which includes virtually everything from:

  • plastics we use everyday
  • medicines we take
  • clothes we wear
  • air we breath
  • and even the building blocks of life (e.g., DNA)

As a chemistry major, you will:

  • master the process of scientific inquiry
  • become proficient in modern laboratory procedures
  • develop foundational knowledge in all areas of the chemical sciences (organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biochemistry)
  • understand the practical and ethical relationship between chemistry and society
  • take part in cutting-edge research
  • gain the training necessary to function and succeed in one of the largest industries worldwide

Early on you will be introduced to all the exciting career opportunities in chemistry, along with the innovative research being conducted by our faculty. The same research you will have the opportunity to take part in.

Our curriculum includes fundamental courses in:

  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Physics
  • specialized courses such as Biomolecules and Metabolism
  • Gene Expression and Replication
  • Plant Biochemistry
  • The Science of Food

Enabling you to customize your education based on your interests.

Career Opportunities

A degree in chemistry opens the door to many careers including:

  • pharmaceutical development
  • chemical research and manufacturing
  • analysis
  • science education
  • Environmental science
  • medicine
  • pharmacy
  • forensics
  • plant science
  • law

Employment of recent Nebraska graduates includes:

  • Associate Analyst, Celerion
  • Chemist, Albaugh Inc
  • Chemist, HHSS NE State Lab
  • Contract Analyst, Aerotek
  • Communications/Signals Intelligence Apprentice, US Air Force
  • Lab Tech, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Nuclear Propulsion Officer, US Navy
  • OIS Implementation Analyst, TELCOR
  • Product Associate, LI-COR Biosciences
  • Quality Assurance Technician, Aerotek

The NEBRASKA difference

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Chemistry offered the first graduate program west of the Mississippi more than a century ago.

Today we continue the tradition of innovation and excellence by offering you a world-class education in a small city setting.

Our degree programs provide a solid foundation for students to excel in top-notch graduate schools and medical schools as well as in high-paying industrial positions.

You will have access to one of the largest structures in the nation dedicated solely to chemistry boasting newly renovated labs.  In addition, you have access to personalized mentoring and small group instruction as part of faculty research projects and instruction.

Scholarships »

Chemistry majors are eligible for scholarships sponsored by the Department of Chemistry, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the University of Nebraska.

All chemistry majors are automatically considered for chemistry scholarships available by simply being a declared chemistry major.

Internships / Clubs / Teaching Assistants

Internships include participating in the following organizations:

Notable clubs include:

Students also have the opportunity to be involved with competitions such as the Research First poster session, scholarships and Teaching Assistant Positions.

Teaching Assistant Positions

One of the best ways to learn a subject is to teach it. The UNL Department of Chemistry offers a competitive salary for undergraduate teaching assistants.

Teaching assistants supervise undergraduate chemistry lab work, assist in grading hourly exams, and help out in the Chemistry Resource Center.

Alumni / Faculty

For a complete list of UNL Department of Chemistry faculty and a description of their current research projects please visit

To read about UNL Department of Chemistry alumni and their careers in chemistry please visit


Notable facilities include renovated Undergraduate labs offering a state-of-the-art learning environment for students. The Undergraduate Instrumentation Center (UIC) houses a wide variety of analytical instrumentation primarily used by undergraduate students for both classroom labs and research projects. For more information about the UNL Department of Chemistry UIC facility please visit The Chemistry Resource Center provides students with access to free tutoring by teaching assistants and a computer lab with specialized software. For more information on the Chemistry Resource Center please visit


The UNL Department of Chemistry provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research, often with financial support from UCARE, McNair, NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates, UNL REU's or other sources, that will reinforce and enrich your classroom learning experience. For more information on undergraduate research please visit