Computer ScienceCollege of Arts and Sciences

What you will learn

Your major in computer science will encompass software experience to prepare you to develop compilers and operating systems of the future, hardware experience to design the next generation computer chips in Silicon Valley, and theoretical studies to advance into research in academia.

By the end of the 1st year, you'll be building three-tier software applications with database back ends and GUI front ends. You'll be designing the circuitry of processors using sophisticated prototyping boards by the end of your 2nd year.

Over half of your coursework involves computer science software and hardware, mathematics, and the natural sciences.

The program leaves plenty of time and flexibility for a focus in 1 of 4 areas including:

  • artificial intelligence
  • foundations
  • informatics
  • networking & high-end computing

A minor in mathematics requires only one additional course from those required for the major.

Imagine yourself in elective courses such as:

  • computer organization
  • embedded systems
  • programming language concepts
  • software engineering
  • operating systems principles
  • database systems
  • high-performance computing and many more!

Career Opportunities

A major in computer science at Nebraska means joining one of the fastest growing and well paying fields in the nation!

Computer science graduates find employment as:

  • internet programmers
  • web information retrieval systems designers
  • game and animation programmers
  • scientific programmers
  • high-speed processor specialists
  • electronic commerce specialists
  • engineers of enterprise-scale software systems

Employment of recent Nebraska graduates includes:

  • Consultant, IBM
  • Game Programmer Co-op, Vicarious Visions
  • iPhone Application Developer, Independent Contractor
  • Mobile App Developer, Sandhills Publishing
  • Principal Software Engineer, Spring Source
  • Programmer, Nebraska Heart Hospital
  • Software Developer, Nebraska Global
  • Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
  • Software Engineer, Amazon
  • Software Engineer, IBM
  • Velocity Software Engineer, Cerner Corporation
  • Web Application Developer, Speedway Motors

The NEBRASKA difference

There has never been a better time to be a computer science major at Nebraska! Average starting salaries for our graduates are around $60,000 with 100% of those in the job market having been offered a full-time position prior to graduation and 84% participating in 1 or more internships.

Extend your classroom experiences by engaging in undergraduate research in:

  • Holland Computer Center
  • Nebraska Intelligent MoBile Unmanned Systems (NIMBUS) lab
  • Lab for Empirically-based Software Quality Research and Development (ESQuaReD)
  • Constraint Systems Lab OR,
  • work alongside faculty on any of your research projects



Faculty offices, laboratories, and most classes are conveniently located in Avery Hall and the Schorr Center

  • the lecture hall and primary teaching laboratory are equipped with multimedia electronics
  • Internet connectivity is available in classrooms, laboratories, offices, and student housing
  • a Windows NT network and a mainframe Unix-based computer are also available to you as a CSE major
  • all needed software and computers are provided in laboratories, which are open for extended hours and on weekends

Many students also enjoy the convenience of their own computers, which can be connected directly to the network from dorm rooms or through Wi-Fi from off campus.