Political ScienceCollege of Arts and Sciences

What you will learn

Study the actual as well as the most preferred way people organize to govern themselves.

Our 6 areas of focus include:

  • American government, which examines national, state, and local government
  • comparative government, which explores how countries other than the United States govern themselves
  • international relations, which addresses problems arising when nations interact with each other
  • political theory, which treats the fundamental issues of how states should organize and justify themselves
  • public policy and administration, which explores specific issues and the process that shape, mold, and enact policy preferences into law
  • biology and politics which explores the biological processes driving political behavior

In addition to the core requirements in the areas listed above, you can elect to enroll in courses such as:

  • the presidency
  • genetics
  • brains and politics
  • conflict and conflict resolution'
  • causes of war and peace
  • transnational criminal networks
  • women and politics
  • immigration and politics
  • myths and realities of the justice system
  • globalization
  • human rights and diversity
  • conflict and development in Africa
  • insurgency
  • guerrilla warfare
  • terrorism, and many more!


Career Opportunities

As a political science major you can be successful in a number of occupations and professions.

Training in political science provides you with a capacity to gather information, sort through it, select what is relevant, and apply it in solving a specific problem.

Employment of recent Nebraska graduates include:

  • Truman Fellow/Policy Analyst, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Svs.
  • Staff Assistant, United States Senate
  • Intelligence Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Foreign Service Officer, US State Department
  • Lobbyist, Nebraska Hospital Association
  • Leadership Consultant, Philadelphia International
  • Naval Flight Officer, United States Navy
  • Research Analyst, MSR Group
  • Field Director, Nebraska Democratic Party
  • Interpreter/Facilitator, ORR Psychotherapy Resources

The NEBRASKA difference

As Lincoln is the seat of state government, you have an opportunity to observe government in action.

Political science has a vibrant legislative page program allowing you to work with the state legislature.

Internships are also available with:

  • state and local government offices
  • local interest groups
  • non-profit agencies
  • corporations
  • political parties—locally, regionally, in Washington, D.C., and overseas

Numerous study abroad opportunities exist if you are interested in international relations and comparative government.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln is 1 of the only programs in the world where you can take courses and do research in the exciting new biopolitics field. 

UNL’s work with the influences biology has on political decisions has been featured in:

  • The New York Times
  • Time Magazine
  • CNN
  • the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

As an undergraduate you can take classes from and participate in research with the pioneers of this exciting new field!