Pre-Secondary Education (Mathematics)College of Education and Human Sciences

What you will learn

When students choose a mathematics major, they are receiving Secondary Mathematics Endorsement Requirements such as being able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of and be able to teach the concepts, skills, and processes of mathematics as defined in the Nebraska Content Standards for eighth and twelfth grades, and to demonstrate an understanding of and be able to apply the processes of mathematics.

This includes being able to utilize problem-solving approaches to investigate and understand mathematical content; formulate and solve problems from both mathematics and everyday situations; communicate mathematical ideas orally and in writing using everyday language, mathematical language, symbols, and graphs; make mathematical conjectures, evaluate arguments and validate mathematical thinking; examine relationships within mathematics; connect mathematics to other disciplines and real-world situations; use technology in exploration, computation, graphing, and problem solving; and use instructional strategies based on current research as well as national, state, and local standards relating to mathematics instruction.

Career Opportunities

With a professional degree in secondary education, careers are possible in:

  • Secondary Teaching 7-12
  • Education Consulting
  • Human Resources
  • Training and Development

The NEBRASKA difference

The department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education works closely with the Mathematics department to offer innovative ways to deliver math education.

Internships / Clubs

A notable organization includes the Student Education Association.