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What you will learn

The degree that is granted by the College is designed to give students a broad background in Business Administration. Students may choose to specialize in several areas by majoring in business administration, or they can specialize by selecting one major.

When specializing in several areas, students may choose courses from any of the departments within the College in any combination. For the student who has an educational goal that bridges two or more areas of business, the general business administration major permits the design of a tailor-made program to fit that goal.

Career Opportunities

Because the degree covers a number of business disciplines a student who majors in business administration may find themselves qualified to apply for positions in a multitude of business fields.

Many organizations seek generalists rather than specialists when hiring employees. Some employers feel that in today's world of rapid change, individuals who have a broad educational background are more adaptive to this change and are better suited to a variety of roles within the organization.

The NEBRASKA difference

This is an interdepartmental program which is beneficial for students with multiple areas of specialization. The faculty for this program includes the entire faculty in the college allowing students a variety of teaching and learning.

Most clubs and organizations are in CBA are open to business administration majors.

Internships / Clubs

Business administration students are involved in a number of varied internships and clubs. For more information on either of these, please visit this link on our website:

Alumni / Faculty

Please see individual departments for faculty bios.


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