International BusinessCollege of Business Administration

What you will learn

The international business major combines the solid base of a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with advanced language study, international experience and academic studies in international business. Students in international business study the business practices of other nations and learn how international trade laws affect the world economy. They also learn about the culture and management methods that differ around the globe.

Career Opportunities

A background in international business will help students become a better member of the management team of any corporation. From banks to manufacturing firms, an increasing number of industries need professionals who understand the world's business environment. Import and export firms, agricultural commodities firms, and government and non-government agencies may specifically seek international expertise.

The following are recent jobs of graduates in International business according to the Career services web site including Assistant National Bank Examiner, Comptroller of the Currency, Assistant Natl Bank Examiner, Comptroller of the Currency, Assistant Product Development Manager, Mutual of Omaha, Bilingual Customer Care, FACTS/Nelnet; Client Support Technician, Gallup Organization; Community Support Associate, Region V; Credit Union Examiner, National Credit Union Association; Financial Development Program, ConAgra; Internal Auditor, Lincoln Financial Group; Market Research Analyst, First Comp Insurance; Operations & Sales, US Petrolon Industrial Inc; Product Planning Specialist, Hewlett – Packard; Sales & Marketing Development Program, Stanley Black & Decker; Service Lead - Latin American Team, Talent Plus; System Engineer, Cerner, and many more.

The NEBRASKA difference

The program's strength lies in its interdisciplinary nature and international experience which is reinforced by students and faculty who have ties around the world.

Internships / Clubs

While international business students will also be involved in a multitude of internships with domestic firms, there are internships related to the College's study abroad activities such as the China study abroad program has provided several internship opportunities each year for students who want to remain in China for a month after the program concludes. They work for various businesses allowing their skills to be utilized in an international setting. The Senshu University program in Japan is Associated with Senshu Matsado Middle School. This school offers several internships each year and only recruits from universities related to Senshu University. A number of participants in our Senshu Business Culture and Language program have also taken advantage of this internship opportunity. One former Senshu student arranged for a business internship with the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and was able to find affordable housing in Japan because of their experience in our program.

Our Oxford University study abroad program allows students to learn about the economy of Europe from Oxford professors. One graduate returned from studying abroad in England and was involved in an internship with a local company. After graduation she was offered a position in London as a part of the company's international expansion.

The College and the University offer a number of scholarships that assist students in studying abroad. In addition the Senshu program provides a number of JASSO scholarship valued at 320,000 yen.

International business students will be involved with the normal range of business clubs but will also likely be involved with the Global Friends of Japan or the Confucius Institute. Japanese and Asian studies students will find the Kawasaki Reading Room, housed in the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center to be a great enhancement to the University Library.


Notable facilities include the Kawasaki Reading Room located in the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center.