ManagementCollege of Business Administration

What you will learn

Management is a dynamic profession in which an individual manager functions simultaneously as a planner, a supervisor, a leader, a decision maker, and information officer, an advisor, a problem solver, and an evaluator of results. Managers perform a wide range of tasks and functions requiring a mix of technical, conceptual, and human skills.

Career Opportunities

With a professional degree in management, careers are possible in Consultants, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Managers, Management Information Systems Experts, Production/Service Managers or Small Business Operators.

The NEBRASKA difference

The College of Business Administration is ranked as one of the best in the nation. The Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship is a model program in entrepreneurship. The management faculty has written more than 80 books and 400 articles in leading journals of business management. Our faculty has authored some of the most widely used texts in Organizational Behavior, International Management, Leadership, Management Science, Operations Management, and Strategic Management. In addition, faculty has developed some of the most popular software packages in management.

Several student organizations provide opportunities for practical experience including: the Administrative Management Society, the Society for Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Students in Free Enterprise, and Students for Responsible Business. Students in Free Enterprise have won 14 consecutive regional competitions. Students own and manage three businesses, The Daily Drip in the College of Business Administration building, Dinosaurs, Inc. in Morrill Hall Museum, and the Capital Corner Gift Shop at the state capital building. Students do all the inventory, hiring, and accounting. Organizations include the National and professional management honorary society, Sigma Iota Epsilon, which invites honor students to membership. Internship opportunities and job counseling are available, and the department sponsors the annual Pan-Pacific Study Tour in various Pacific Rim countries in order to study the cross-cultural aspects of management.


We have five state-of-the-art computer labs complete with networked printers, scanners, and digital cameras are available. The labs are designed for interactive, multifunctional instruction. Instructional technology is used in all 32 classrooms, including teaching consoles, LCD projectors, computers, and VCRs. Many classrooms have touch-sensitive white boards and control systems. The building is equipped with a complete wireless system for internet access. Walk-up e-mail and computing stations are available throughout the building. The E.J. Faulkner Writing Lab is designed to teach important communication skills needed to be successful in business. Labs are available for students to videotape class presentations.