Homeschooled Requirements



Home-schooled students must submit the following to be considered for admission:

  • application for admission
  • application fee ($45)
  • test score(s)
    • While we will accept either ACT or SAT test scores for admission purposes, we encourage you to take the ACT exam. The exam score will help determine your level of preparation for college course work
    • Plan to take the exam in the spring of your junior year. You may take the exam more than once; only the highest composite test score will be used to determine admission status
    • Scores must be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the ACT organization
  • students who have taken courses in foreign language must include a description of how they learned the verbal component of the language (i.e. tutor, tapes)
  • students who completed courses in a school other than their home-school (traditional high school and/or college) must also submit an official copy of their academic transcript from this school.
  • you may also be asked to provide a copy of the most recent "statement of objection and assurances by parent or guardian" on file with the Nebraska State Department of Education


The primary teacher/administrator of the home school must provide:

  • a copy of the letter confirming you filed with the Nebraska State Department of Education
  • a typed transcript (semester format) of the courses the student completed in the home school environment
    • grades or averages earned in each course must be included on the transcript
    • a curriculum synopsis of the courses which parallel the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's 16 core course requirement
    • the synopsis should include a brief description (paragraph) of each of these courses
  • textbook information listed by course (including titles and authors)
    • the home school administrator should provide a detailed description of how the applicant fulfilled the natural science laboratory requirement

NOTE: Additional supporting documents may be requested to assist officials in making an admission decision.