Transfer Requirements

Transfer students applying for admission to NEBRASKA must meet performance requirements and complete a core of selected high school courses.

Students who do not meet admission requirements are still encouraged to apply.  In these cases, admission will be determined by a committee appointed by the Director of Admissions and your complete academic profile will be considered.

  • Transfer students are required to submit high school and college transcripts as part of the review process.
  • College courses can be used to satisfy the high school requirements.
  • If you graduated high school before 1997 visit the pre-1997 graduation admission requirements section.

Students who have completed 12 or more semester credits from a post secondary institution are considered transfer students.

Core Course & College Specific Requirements

There are 16 units of academic courses and some college specific requirements for admission.

Ways to Meet Admission Requirements

If you are missing courses required for admission, there are ways to remove the deficiencies before you enroll.

Performance Requirements

Students who are transferring from other post-secondary institutions are required to:

  • demonstrate a 2.0 ("C" average) cumulative grade point average (GPA) on all college-level course work
  • have a 2.0 GPA for the most recent term of attendance