Transfer Student

Each year NEBRASKA welcomes hundreds of transfer students.

We know you have unique needs and questions, that's why where here with the tools to help.

Transferring Credits »

We have resources and tools to evaluate all types of transfer credit. Find out:

  • what courses help you meet admission deficiencies
  • how credits will transfer into your major
  • how advanced credit or military courses fulfill requirements
  • and more!

Scholarships & Financial Aid »

We make UNL an affordable option for you with the help of scholarships and our FREE tuition assistance program, CollegeBound Nebraska.

Housing & Residency

Discover transfer housing options available to you and our residency requirements for living on- or off-campus.

First-Generation Transfer Students »

When you're the first in your family to attend college, you need people.

People to answer questions. People to help you make the right connections, and who will support you throughout your academic career.

Programs Just For Transfers

Transfer Advantage »

A six-week, zero-credit orientation seminar designed specifically to help new transfer students transition to campus.

Transfer Learning Communities »

The Transfer Learning Community is designed to give you a new home, help you make connections with classmates, and give you a head start to navigating the resources and offices that will help you thrive at UNL.

Transfer Peer Mentoring Program »

Peer Mentors come from a variety of institutions and have successfully transferred to UNL. Think of them as your backstage pass to:

  • meet new people
  • get involved in a club/organization
  • navigating campus
  • learning the ins and outs to helpful resources and support staff

Transfer Honors Program »

As part of the Transfer University Honors Program, you'll become a part of a community of talented and committed students looking to pursue an enriching academic experience at Nebraska.

On Course Program »

Nebraska community college students who want to continue their education after completing their associates can take advantage of our On Course Program and get guaranteed admission to the university.