Returning Student

Instructions For Applying

  1. Review the list of materials you'll need before starting your application
  2. Start your application
  3. Pay the application fee:
    • Pay online using credit card.
    • Check (payable to the University of Nebraska). Include the applicant's name in the memo line.

Next Steps After Applying

Additional materials required before your application is considered complete:

  1. Submit official transcripts from all institutions you have attended since you left the University of NebraskaLincoln. 
  2. If you left UNL because of Academic Dismissal, you must submit a Returning Student Questionnaire
  3. If the last university you attended was UNO, UNMC or UNK, you must submit a Change of Campus Form
  4. Students seeking readmission must clear all holds (including deficiency holds) from their UNL record before their application for readmission will be considered.
    • Academically dismissed students must apply by December 1 for the spring term and May 1 for the summer or fall term.

    Students who left UNL in good standing may apply up until the first week of classes.

Forms To Complete If You've Already Received a Bachelor's Degree

If you've already completed an undergraduate degree and are looking to continue your education at UNL, in addition to the application above, we also need you to verify your educational goals.

Applications after the published admissions deadline

If you apply after the published semester deadline you may still be eligible for admission.

Any application received after the published deadline will be placed on a wait-list. The admissions committee will prioritize the wait-list based upon candidates that meet our assured admission requirements.

Please note there is no guarantee of admission for wait-list applicants.