Use this application if:

  • You have never attended college OR
  • You are enrolled in high school and college courses concurrently (regardless of the number of credits) OR
  • You have attempted fewer than 12 semester college credits since graduating from high school.

If you do not meet at least one of these criteria go back and select a different application type.

Application Checklist

  1. Complete the application
  2. Pay the application fee:
    • Pay online using credit card.
    • Check (payable to the University of Nebraska). Include the applicant's name in the memo line.

Additional Materials Required Before Your Application is Considered Complete:

  1. Ask your guidance counselor/high school send an official copy of your high school transcript to the Office of Admissions, 1410 Q Street, Lincoln, NE 68588-0417
  2. Request your ACT/SAT test scores be forwarded directly from the testing agency to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Office of Admissions (ACT code: 2482; SAT code: 6877.)
    NOTE: Full scholarship consideration requires an official ACT or SAT test score on or before the December national test date of senior year.  More information can be found at Scholarships)
  3. Request transcripts for any collegiate work you have completed
  4. Submit your personal statement to be considered for select leadership, service, and diversity scholarships. (NOTE: This is NOT required for admission to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.)

High School Core Course Information
A section of the application asks for the number of classes you have successfully taken in high school. We recommend that you make a list of all the classes you’ve successfully passed in high school and have it out for your reference when filling out the application.

Applications after the published admissions deadline

If you apply after the published semester deadline you may still be eligible for admission.

Any application received after the published deadline will be placed on a wait-list. The admissions committee will prioritize the wait-list based upon candidates that meet our assured admission requirements.

Please note there is no guarantee of admission for wait-list applicants.