What is MyRed?

MyRED is a student portal where applicants can manage their application portfolio online. Through MyRED, applicants have the ability to:

  • View application status and missing application materials
  • Apply to the University Honors Program and Raikes School
  • Submit the informal personal statement for scholarships
  • Pay the freshmen enrollment deposit
  • Submit a housing contract
  • Register for New Student Enrollment
  • and more!

When can I start to access MyRED

MyRED is available for applicants shortly after you apply for admission.

You will receive 2 email notifications:

  • one with your NUID
  • one with your temporary TrueYou password

Use these to set up permanent TrueYou credentials at

What is TrueYou?

TrueYou is a system that helps you maintain a single password and NU ID across many systems at many institutions in Nebraska. Participating institutions include: UNL, UNK, UNO, UNMC, Chadron State College, Peru State College, and Wayne State College.

If you are an applicant to one or more of the institutions above, your NU ID and password for each campus will be the same.

How do I get my TrueYou password?

If you have applied to UNL within the past few days, you will receive two emails:

  • Email 1: Confirms the receipt of your application and provides you with your NUID
  • Email 2: Provides you with your temporary TrueYou password
    Indicates that you already have a TrueYou password

Your NUID was sent to you shortly after you applied.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the UNL Help Desk at: 402-472-3970.

How do I access MyRED?

STEP 1: Setup your TrueYou PasswordTrue You screenshot

TrueYou is a statewide password clearinghouse. Your NUID and TrueYou password will gain you access to MyRED.

Use your NU ID and temporary password (that was sent to your email address at the time you applied) and visit to create a new password.

NOTE: Your temporary TrueYou password cannot be used to login to MyRED.

If you no longer have your temporary password, call the UNL Help Desk at: 402-472-3970


Once you have set up your TrueYou password, use your NU ID and your new TrueYou password to gain access to MyRED.

NOTE: Temporary TrueYou passwords will not allow you to access MyRED.

How-to's Using MyRed

Once you log into MyRed, you will see a dashboard of everything in your profile.

  1. From the top menu, click on 'Admissions'.
  2. Under the 'Manage Your Undergraduate Applications' section, you'll be able to:
    • Check your undergraduate application status
    • Pay the enrollment deposit: instructions are available on the page (be sure to have your credit card available.)
    • Fill out honors and scholarship applications
    • Fill out New Student Enrollment forms

Document Status Descriptions

Below is a summary of the document statuses that may appear on MyRED on Undergraduate Application Status (see screen shot example below):

Document statuses that may appear on MyRED on Undergraduate Application Status. Status and corresponding description listed.
Status Description
Need document when available Document is not required for admissions, but will be required no later than the start of your first term at UNL.
Final document needed after completion/graduation UNL has a transcript that has in progress work on it. This document is complete for admission, but a final transcript with grades will be required at the start of your first term at UNL. Final High School transcripts must arrive with a high school graduation date.
Need document Your application is incomplete. We must receive this document prior to evaluating your application for admission.

NOTE: To be considered official, all high school and college transcripts must arrive in sealed envelopes or may be transmitted via Docufide.