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Use the Visiting Student Application if:

  • You would like to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for one semester as a visiting, part-time (6 hours maximum) non-degree-seeking student.

If this does not describe you please go back and select a different application type.

Before You Apply

Know what information you will need before you start the application.

Apply Now

Application Checklist

  1. Complete the application
  2. Pay the application fee:
    • Pay online using credit card.
    • Check (payable to the University of Nebraska). Include the applicant's name in the memo line.

Additional Materials Required Before Your Application is Considered Complete:

  1. If you are currently enrolled in high school you must obtain approval to enroll in college courses (regardless of the number of hours in which they intend to enroll) from your high school counselor before admission will be granted. Please submit the Approval Form.