Leadership/Diversity Scholarship Programs

Customize Your Experience

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln our commitment to the holistic development of students can be seen in our academic success programs that encourage merit in the classroom and facilitate a supportive connection to the vibrant student life at UNL. These programs include:

Students that receive one of the following scholarships get the opportunity to participate in the Nebraska Legends program:

  • Nebraska Legends Scholarship
  • David Distinguished Scholarship (Out-of-State students Only)
  • Mad City Huskers Nebraska Legends Program (students from Wisconsin given preference)
  • Siouxland Huskers Nebraska Legends Program (students from Sioux City given preference)
  • Penner Family Nebraska Legends Program (students seeking a degree from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources given preference)
  • Arizonians for Nebraska Legends Program (students from Arizona given preference)