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NEBRASKA- One of the leaders in undergraduate research!

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked our Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research (UCARE) program as 1 of the 28 best university programs in undergraduate research and creative projects.

UCARE allows undergraduate students the unique opportunity to work alongside world-class faculty members and directly participate in the campus’ research and creative activities.  This two-year program, funded by Pepsi endowment allows students to make a difference while pursuing their undergraduate education.

  • Year 1: “Learning by doing” – learn how to do high quality research by participating in the faculty member’s current research project
  • Year 2: “You’re in the driver’s seat” – students advance and complete their own research projects with the faculty member serving as a mentor for the project

As a major research institution, the University of Nebraska will provide:

  • Firsthand research experience as an undergraduate student
  • A stipend for participating in UCARE
  • Strong connections with faculty who are leaders in their respective fields
  • Opportunity to develop new knowledge

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Mardell Maxwell, Associate Director