National Hispanic Scholars

NEBRASKA is committed to attracting the best and brightest from across the nation. NEBRASKA is one of the premier institutions attracting National Hispanic Scholars. Last year, NEBRASKA admitted over 60 National Hispanic Scholars!

Chancellor's Scholarship

Students who are finalists in nationally recognized scholarship competitions (e.g. National Merit Scholarship) are eligible for consideration for full tuition coverage plus a $2,000 stipend annually (Scholarship is applicable for up to 135 credit hours inclusive of all University of Nebraska credit, including approved study abroad and Extended Education credit.)

Finalist must be a U.S. citizen and receive a 28 ACT or 1240 SAT. 

Other scholarships may be available. Nebraska residents must apply for admission by January 15 to be eligible for consideration. Non-resident students must apply by May 1 to be eligible for consideration.

Academy of National Hispanic Scholars

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is one of the few institutions to host a recognized honorary society for current students that have been recognized by the National Hispanic Recognition Program. This recognized student organization serves as an academic and social organization that focuses on the needs of Latinos in education. The Academy of National Hispanic Scholars is open to all UNL students.

Chancellor's Scholar Seminar

A non-credit seminar workshop will be required of all incoming National Hispanic Scholars admitted for fall. The course is designed to assist the students with their academic and social transition to college. This seminar is open to all UNL students.