Paying for College

Paying for College

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Part of preparing for college is understanding the avenues available to help you cover the cost of attendance. While every college and university navigates cost, scholarships and financial aid a little differently, the basics are the same.

Cost of Attendance

Expenses that you should plan to encounter during your time studying at Nebraska.

Billed by the University


A charge for your enrollment in a course. At Nebraska, we charge by credit hour. Differential tuition is charged for coursework in the College of Architecture, College of Business and College of Engineering.


Variable costs based on the courses you take, plus some general student fees that support student services, technology, the library, etc.

Housing and Food

Cost for your room and food on campus. View Billing Rates

Not Billed by the University

Books and Supplies

Course materials, such as textbooks, lab safety equipment or art supplies.

Transportation and Personal Expenses

Estimated expenses for personal incidental costs during your time in college.

Scholarships & Aid

Financial assistance to reduce your overall cost of attendance.
96% of first-year students receive a scholarship or grant to attend Nebraska.*

University Scholarships

Awards offered by the university. At Nebraska, we offer scholarships for academic achievement, leadership, service and diversity enhancement. You do not need to pay these back.

External Scholarships

Scholarships you've earned through outside agencies to cover your cost of attendance at Nebraska.

Financial Aid Grants

Awards based on financial need offered by state and federal sources, other organizations or the university. You must file the FAFSA Form to gain eligibility; you do not need to pay these back.

Net Price of Attendance

The price you pay after subtracting scholarships and financial aid from tuition, fees, housing and food, books, transportation and personal expenses. Estimate your total cost of attendance with the Net Price Calculator provided by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Husker Hub

Student Services Center

Husker Hub is Nebraska’s “one stop” for you to get assistance with the FAFSA Form, scholarships, grants, loans and more. Our Husker Hub full-time student services specialists are available remotely Monday-Friday through a Virtual Queue to help answer all of your questions about paying for college.

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