Residency Policy

Determining your residency status is an important part of your application for admission at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Residents of the state of Nebraska will be billed in-state tuition and nonresidents will be billed out-of-state tuition. Don't worry, it's pretty simple. Here's the gist.

Deadlines for Application and Supporting Documentation

  • Fall: October 1
  • Spring: March 1
  • Summer: July 1

Application Process

  1. Review the Residency Categories and information on the application. You can access the Residency Application in your MyRED account. On the main menu look for the profile tab, hover over profile and click on Residency Application. Completing the questionnaire can help with the selection of a Residence Category.
  2. Complete the Application for Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes.
  3. Gather copies of required supporting documentation.
  4. Download the Affidavit of Intent Form. Complete and sign the Affidavit of Intent Form in the presence of a Notary Public to verify the authenticity of your documentation.
  5. Submit the application with all required documentation to the appropriate Admissions Office (e.g. UNL) prior to the deadline.
  6. At any time prior to a committee decision, the applicant is responsible for any payments due or late fees that may accrue.

Residency Affidavit

While the Application for Residency Classification is available online, all students must submit a notarized Residency Affidavit as a part of your application. You can upload this completed document into your MyRED Application.

  • This document must be signed by the student applying for residency tuition status and witnessed by a Notary Public.
  • Notaries are available at Husker Hub or the Office of Admissions—please contact us at or if you would like to notarize your Residency Affidavit on campus. If you are not able to visit campus, most U.S. banks will notarize documents. You may also find notary services online, however most of these services will charge a fee for the notarized document.

Download & Complete the Residency Affidavit

You Are Classified as a Nonresident if:

  • You are not attending a Nebraska high school; or
  • You are not a graduate of an accredited Nebraska high school.

Qualifying for Residency Status for the Purpose of In-State Tuition

  • Persons of legal age (19 or older) or emancipated minors who:
    1. have established a home in Nebraska for at least 12 months.*
    2. AND can verify by documentation that they intend to make Nebraska their permanent residence.
  • Dependent students whose parent/guardian has established a home in Nebraska.
  • Persons who are married to Nebraska residents who had established a home in Nebraska prior to the marriage.
  • Permanent resident aliens or individuals who have been granted asylum or refugee status and who have established a home in Nebraska for at least 12 months.
  • Dependents or spouses of permanent university, state college, or community college employees in the State of Nebraska who have at least part-time (.5 FTE) employment status.
  • Active duty military personnel and their dependents whose permanent duty station or home of record is in Nebraska.
  • Persons who graduated from an accredited high school in Nebraska and were legal residents of Nebraska at the time of graduation.
  • Individuals who previously attended the University of Nebraska or one of the Nebraska state colleges as a resident within the last two years.
  • Individuals, and their spouses and dependents, who were recruited for full-time employment to the state of Nebraska because of their special talents or skills.
  • Members of certain tribes who live outside the state of Nebraska qualify for in-state tuition rates upon providing documentation of membership.

You need to apply for residency classification in order to determine if you qualify for in-state tuition.

If you are granted residency, your scholarship and financial aid package will be re-evaluated as a Nebraska resident, including scholarships. Any scholarships or awards which were based on offsetting nonresident tuition will be removed.

NOTE: *Individuals who move to Nebraska primarily to enroll in a post-secondary institution in Nebraska will be considered a nonresident for tuition purposes for the duration of their attendance.

Native American Tribes Indigenous to Nebraska OR Tribes Migrated to or from the State of Nebraska

The following have been identified as Native American tribes indigenous to Nebraska or tribes that historically migrated to or from the state of Nebraska:

  • Arapaho
  • Arikara
  • Cheyenne
  • Comanche
  • Crow
  • Dakota Sioux
  • Dhegihan
  • Hidatsa
  • Iowa
  • Jicarilla Apache
  • Kansa
  • Kickapoo
  • Kiowa
  • Lakota Sioux
  • Mandan
  • Missouria
  • Nakota Sioux
  • Northern Cheyenne
  • Omaha
  • Osage
  • Otoe
  • Pawnee
  • Ponca
  • Potawatomie
  • Quapaw
  • Sac and Fox
  • Santee Sioux
  • Southern Cheyenne
  • Winnebago

It is the responsibility of the student to submit a copy of their tribal card to the Office of Admissions to be considered a resident for tuition purposes. Students who do not provide this documentation will be determined to be nonresidents without further notification.