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Admission Requirements

  • First-Year

    You are a high school senior or have attempted fewer than 12 semester college credits since graduating from high school.

  • Transfer

    You graduated from high school and are currently taking/attempted more than 12 semester college credits or you have a military transcript.

  • Visiting

    You're not seeking a degree at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln but plan to attend for one term, generally taking 6 credit hours or less.

  • International

    You graduated from a high school abroad and seek a degree in the United States.

  • Intensive English Program

    You are a student seeking to improve your English ability and communication skills to get a head start before being fully admitted to Nebraska.

  • Nebraska Now

    You are still in high school and looking to get a head start by taking college classes now.

  • Returning

    You have previously attended the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as a degree-seeking student, and you would like to return and complete your degree.

  • Intercampus

    You are currently enrolled at another NU campus and want to take classes at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

  • Change of Campus

    You are currently enrolled at another NU campus and want to change campus to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

  • Certificate Program

    You’re seeking an undergraduate certificate from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

  • Home School

    You have taken home-school classes and you’re ready for higher education.

  • GED

    You have your GED, and you’re ready to take the next step.

  • High School Graduates Before 1997

    It’s been a while, but you’re ready to continue your education.

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