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Can't wait for college?
You don't have to.

As a high school student, you can earn college credit from Nebraska by taking real college courses online. In the Nebraska Now program, you'll stretch your strengths, study what excites you and build a foundation for your academic future.

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Save Up to $2,704 on Your College Bill

Nebraska Now courses are offered at a flat $330-rate per class. The same course at the regular in-state tuition rate would cost $756 or more, a savings of at least $426 per class.

Additionally, if you earn at least a 3.0 GPA in your Nebraska Now courses, you will also be eligible for at least $1,000 in academic scholarships* at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln for your first year.

If you take one course each semester your junior and senior year and maintain at least a B-average, your savings will look like this:

Label Cost
Junior Year Fall: $426
Junior Year Spring: $426
Senior Year Fall: $426
Senior Year Spring: $426
Tuition Savings: $1,704
Label Cost
Tuition Savings: $1,704
Academic Scholarship: $1,000
Total Savings: $2,704

*The GPA calculation will only include coursework attempted by the fall semester of your senior year in high school. Grades must be posted by March 1 to be considered for the scholarship commitment (i.e. spring coursework attempted in your senior year will not count toward the GPA criteria for scholarship consideration). This scholarship awards at least $1,000 in an academic scholarship—if you receive a larger academic scholarship, the larger award will replace the Nebraska Now scholarship.

20+ Online Courses to Earn College Credit Now, Anywhere

All Nebraska Now courses are offered online unless specifically designated as on-campus. No matter your location, interests or career goals, you'll find courses that are right for you.

The Benefits of Nebraska Now

You have many options to earn college credit in high school, but only Nebraska Now offers you a real Big Ten online experience.

In Nebraska Now courses, you will:

  • Enroll in online courses with current Huskers taught by college professors.
  • Earn college credit based on your semester grade, not a one-time test.
  • Gain access to university support services, coaching and academic advising.
  • Boast a Big Ten university on your transcript.
  • Get credits guaranteed to meet Nebraska requirements.

Credit Transferability

Nebraska Now course credits fit into most degree programs offered at Nebraska. We are a regionally accredited institution, which means your course credits will also transfer to most colleges and universities.

Support Resources

Making the leap to college-level work is no small feat, and we want you to know that Nebraska has the support you need to make the most of your experience. As a Nebraska Now student, you'll have access to accommodating professors, academic coaching services and resources for success.

A student sitting across from a counselor and talking.

Get Ahead With Nebraska Now

If you have questions about navigating the application process, choosing courses or adjusting to college-level work, contact the Nebraska Now team at or 402-472-8000.