Scholarship Statement


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Your Scholarship Statement is what the university uses to award leadership, service and diversity scholarships. To become eligible, you must be admitted and submit your Scholarship Statement by February 1.

Submitting Your Scholarship Statement

Your first step is to apply to Nebraska as a first-year student. If you are eligible, you can submit your Scholarship Statement with your application if you’re ready. You can also wait and come back here to submit it any time before February 1, 2023.

Apply Now

What to Write About

We want to see who you are and acknowledge you for your accomplishments and character that go beyond the classroom.

Use up to 500 words to tell us a story about any of the following:

  • The experiences that have shaped you as a person.
  • The family or community circumstances you’ve overcome.
  • Your leadership or service experiences.
  • Your career goals.
  • Examples of your commitment to help your family or underserved communities.
  • Experiences you’ve had with the global community.

Submit Your
Scholarship Statement

First-year students: You can now complete and submit your Scholarship Statement in MyRED.

Submit in MyRED

Note: Draft and edit your statement before submitting your Scholarship Statement. It can't be edited or deleted once submitted.