Transfer George Beadle Tuition Scholarship

Available to:
  • Out-of-State
  • Transfer

Awarded to high-achieving out-of-state transfer students of high academic distinction to offset the cost of out-of-state tuition.

This award is one of the more prestigious out-of-state academic scholarships at Nebraska. This scholarship is prorated for enrollment in fewer than 15 credits in fall/spring: 100% ($7,500/term) for 15 or more credits, 93% ($6,975/term) for 14 credits, 87% ($6,525/term) for 13 credits, 80% ($6,000) for 12 credits, and 0% for fewer than 12 credits. View further details.


Recipients are awarded $15,000 toward University of Nebraska–Lincoln undergraduate tuition for the academic year ($7,500/semester) for up to two or three years, not including summers based on enrollment in 15 credits per fall/spring semester (prorated for enrollment in fewer than 15 credit hours per semester).


Fall Admits

  • Priority: November 1
  • Final: May 15

Spring Admits

  • Priority: October 1
  • Final: December 1

How to Apply

  1. Apply for admission by May 15 (fall) or December 1 (spring).
  2. Submit your college transcripts in MyRED.
  3. Submit your Enrollment Deposit in MyRED by May 15 (fall) or December 1 (spring).

Review Basis

George Beadle Transfer Scholars demonstrate academic distinction. Selection is based on a holistic review that includes a balanced objective assessment of competitive academic achievement, including extraordinary college grade point average of a 3.800 or better, with a subjective final academic review.


Students must maintain a 2.000 cumulative GPA and complete 24 credit hours each academic year (fall/spring). Students with 52 credits or fewer may renew for an additional two years and those with more than 52 credits may renew for one additional year. View full eligibility and renewal policies.


This scholarship is offered by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The scholarship is not transferable in part or in whole to any other university or campus, including the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) or the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). This scholarship will not cover the cost of tuition for classes taken at UNO, UNK or UNMC.

Note: The University of Nebraska does not discriminate based upon any protected status. Scholarships are subject to change each year for new incoming students. As a public tuition benefit under Nebraska State Statute 4-110, individuals awarded these funds must be citizens of the United States or if a qualified alien have been verified as lawfully present in the United States (Nebraska State Statutes 4-111 and 4-112).

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