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Applying for Nebraska Now

We are excited that you're ready to take on exciting new challenges and stretch your strengths in the Nebraska Now program. Below, you'll find a list of admission requirements and detailed instructions for the application process.

Admission Requirements

To participate in the Nebraska Now program, students must be enrolled in high school and excel academically with a B-average or above.

First-year or sophomore students (grades 9 or 10) must submit an approval form signed by their high school counselor. Junior or senior students (grades 11 or 12) do not need to submit the approval form.

If you are an international student studying at a domestic institution, please contact admissions@unl.edu or 402-472-8000 to verify that you are studying under a visa covered by your current place of study.

Please review Nebraska Now Policies & Procedures before applying.

If you would like to appeal your eligibility status, complete and return the Program Eligibility Appeal Form.

Application Process

  1. Start your application at go.unl.edu/apply.
  2. Select “Nebraska Now Program” when asked to choose your “Type of Degree.”

    As a Nebraska Now student, you are considered a "visiting student" at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, which means you do not intend to earn a degree from the university (yet).

    If you are applying during your senior year and plan to attend Nebraska after high school, you must complete both the “visiting student” application AND the “degree seeking” first-year college student application.

  3. Pay the $45 application fee prompted at the end of your application. After submitting your application, you will not be required to provide any other form of documentation.

The Nebraska Now application is honored for one academic year. Students who apply for a summer or fall session will not need to reapply in the spring.