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Through a balance of academic and career activities, you’ll build a strong foundation for your career or graduate school at Nebraska.

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Lay a Solid Foundation for Your Career

At Nebraska, our Big Ten academic community will give you what you need to prepare for a great job after graduation—classrooms and labs filled with the latest technology and direct access to your professors. Engage in undergraduate research with top Nebraska faculty. Start your own club with your motivated peers. Get the experience you need to lay a solid foundation for an exciting career and get 1-to-1 guidance along the way.

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Nebraska Business News

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Students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business turned ideas into action running their own businesses through a weeklong startup simulation called The Crash Course. Undergraduates involved in the Clifton Strengths Organization (CSO), a recognized student organization, gained the hands-on learning experience of operating a startup and ended with a profit of more than $2,000.



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Pollen pours out of a bag as Cleopatra Babor, a junior in plant biology, pollinates the silks of an ear of corn as part of her McNair Scholar research project. Babor researches in the lab of David Holding, associate professor of #agronomy and #horticulture. The team is crossing sweet corn with colored #corn to produce colorful varieties in the #research fields on East Campus.

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Lay a Solid Foundation for Grad School

If you're interested in advanced study, Nebraska's academic environment can challenge you to stretch your strengths and help you develop the skills you need to get in. Through our undergraduate research program, UCARE, you'll have the chance to work 1-to-1 with a faculty member in your academic program to conduct cutting-edge research. Our Explore Center and Career Services will support you through entrance exams and interviews, so you'll feel prepared to make it into your program of choice.

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Get to Know Your Faculty

Whether you have questions about your homework, need a book recommendation or simply want to say hi, our professors are here to provide you with the guidance you need to reach your full potential. Nebraska's smaller size makes it easy for you to get to know your professors, so you can work 1-to-1 to apply what you've learned in class to solve real-world problems through research, internships, study abroad programs and more.



Lauren Tritch posing with Jemalyn Griffin

Over the summer, junior advertising and public relations major, Lauren Tritch, worked in Minneapolis, MN as an account services intern at @thelacekgroup . She had the opportunity to work with three high-profile clients while managing projects and working closely with her team members—she even had a visit from one of her favorite professors at the J school, Jemalyn Griffin!

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Kickstart Your Academic Career Through Research

Research experience can prepare you for your career or graduate school. As a Husker, you'll have the resources you need to carry out groundbreaking research 1-to-1 with Nebraska's brightest faculty through the Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program. Gain a deep understanding of your discipline, develop leadership skills and learn to most effectively communicate your ideas; let your undergraduate research be a catalyst for your academic career. 

Sierra Hansen

Experiences. Achievements. A Career Path: Sierra Hansen

“Getting a UCARE position through the university helped me to get the Beckman Scholarship, which helped me get into the German program, which collectively helped me to get into multiple M.D.- Ph.D. programs—which is where I’m headed next. I just signed my acceptance to start an M.D.-Ph.D. program after I do a gap year studying at the German lab I worked in.”

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UNL on Exposure

A student presenting their poster

For the third year, Husker undergraduates discussed their research and creative activity face-to-face with state senators. The April 16 poster presentations featured 47 students presenting their work on 38 research projects with direct impacts on Nebraska. Following the event, students moved their research posters to a display area in the Nebraska State Capitol.

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Nebraska Today

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This summer, through Nebraska's Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience program, students traveled to England to work with Oxford's Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama. There, they chronicled and compiled the history of the play, which will eventually be published in an online book.

Tayler Sundermann

Don’t Wait to Apply the Skills You Learn in Class

At Nebraska, you won't have to wait until graduation to apply the skills you learn in class. Through internships and co-ops, you can take what you've learned and start making advances toward your chosen career path. Not only will internships help you stretch your strengths through real-world experience, but they will also help your application stand out when applying to your first job or a graduate program.

Tayler Sundermann

Learn by Doing: Tayler Sundermann

“Career services is fantastic about taking care of you—they want you in industry, getting hands-on experience as much as possible. I learned a ton about what I wanted to do, and not do, in a career. Now, I want to get an advanced degree and do research. I decided, ‘This is the job I want. What do I need to do to get there?’”

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Nebraska Today

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Senior journalism and broadcasting major Jennifer Yuma has always known she’d be a writer. After taking a few journalism courses at in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications her freshman year, her dream to become an entertainment writer at a lifestyle magazine solidified.

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Get Support, 1-to-1, From Your Advisors

You’re going to college not just to expand your mind, but to lay the groundwork for a great career or graduate school. Nebraska has people who will work 1-to-1 with you to help you get the most out of your experience. You’ll do more than just learn technical skills—you’ll grow more flexible and nimble, ready to change the world and adapt with it.

Check out the interview below with Kadina Koonce, Exploratory and Pre-Professional Academic Advisor, who works with students to make the most of their time in college as they prepare for a career or grad school.

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  • What does an academic advisor do?

  • Academic advisors provide students with guidance and support in identifying their life/career goals. We assist not only with course selection, study skills and campus resources/policies, but also hope to serve as a sounding board, and cheerleader.

  • How do you see your role in helping students achieve success in college?

  • In my role, I encourage students to make and accomplish goals within and beyond their comfort zone, support them through the victories and learning experiences, provide them with information about opportunities, and push them to be self-advocates.

  • How do students work with each other?

  • Through clubs and organizations, our students work with one another to build a community. They work toward the common goal of building personal/professional skills to be competitive for professional school, give back to the community, and have fun.

  • What kinds of experiences do you offer for students outside the classroom?

  • We offer workshops, help students find shadowing opportunities, take a trip to University of Nebraska Medical Center every spring, provide mock interviews and schedule meetings with professional school reps. A little something for everyone!

  • What academic resources do you recommend to students?

  • Academic resources I recommend most to students include going to Success Coaching with the Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST). They have resources around tutoring, study skills, time management, note-taking, test prep and motivation!

  • How do you help prepare students for a career after college?

  • We help prepare students for a career by assisting them with essays and finding experiences to make them competitive applicants. We encourage students to job shadow, do informational interviews and go to career advising.

  • What advice do you give to help students get the most out of their academic experience?

  • Never be afraid to reach out for help and connect with at least two faculty/staff people on campus. That support/relationship building is so important, especially when feeling lost or unmotivated, it's powerful to know you have someone on your side!

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University of Nebraska Lincoln

CoJMC News

Jemalyn Griffin

PRSSA’s advisor, Jemalyn Griffin, has worked with the chapter for less than three years and has accomplished major strides for the group including supporting a record number of six students to attend PRSSA’s annual International Conference and helping implement the chapter’s inaugural Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion position.

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Nebraska Today

Mark Davis

“There’s simply nothing better than working with students — particularly those who struggle a little bit, those who fall down but get back up and keep working — and watching them walk across that stage in Pinnacle Bank Arena to get their degree.”

Will Dindinger

Live and Learn with Your Peers

Learning Communities (LC) are groups of students with a shared major or interest area who live together in the same residence hall and are mentored by an upper class student. Joining an LC gives you an instant community of people who have the same goals and interests, and a mentor to help you navigate your transition to college. Together, you and your LC peers will motivate each other to excel academically, gain new perspectives, reach your full-potential and co-create the future.

Will Dindinger

Find Your Academic Community: Will Dindinger

“Being in an LC was good for me socially, but my friends and I also took our academics seriously, and we all pushed each other to be better. Our goals and aspirations were really diverse—some people wanted to work in a huge firm, then one of my other friends wanted to do more small scale, residential stuff... Everyone had their own way of viewing things and their own tastes, so being able to work together and get honest feedback from such a diverse group of people was a great thing to have.”

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Nebraska Today

three students building a toolbox in the wood working classroom

Through a partnership with Rotary International District 5610 out of southern South Dakota, staff from Nebraska Innovation Studio and students from the College of Engineering learning community, Engineering to Change the World, made 30 individual toolboxes for Native American artists who are utilizing the new and developing Whiteclay Makerspace.

Find Your Academic Community

With 500+ Registered Student Organizations, you are bound to find a club catered toward your major or interests, where you can stretch your strengths through academic collaboration with your peers and professors. Explore examples of clubs connected to colleges across campus, or tap the link below to search a list of all clubs and organizations.

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