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Nebraska is home to collaborators. We’re a diverse community of scholars who have come together to create new knowledge, build on each other’s experiences, and forge a better future. You and your story are an important part of that future. Our future. Together we can make a difference.

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Resume Hackers

Miles Wynn wanted to combine his love for cars and his passion for renewable energy. So he collected experiences—research on wave energy, building a Formula SAE car with his friends, an internship at Polaris—and turned it all into a job at Tesla.

Change Agents

Julian Davis and his friends learned how to melt down and re-forge aluminum by combining what they learned in class with an idea they got from YouTube. They created a nonprofit, Alumin8, that serves the homeless community and after school programs.

Culture Creators

United by a love of music and expression, students from all kinds of backgrounds (and all over the world) formed the Hip Hop Dance Club. Some bring years of experience, some have never danced before, all are stepping outside their comfort zone to make something beautiful.

Determined Doers

Sophomore broadcasting major Aaliyah Turner wanted to put her skills in videography and production to use right away, so she worked with her professors to secure an internship as a documentary editor with PBS affiliate Vision Maker Media.

Artistic Researchers

Riley Naughton worked one-on-one with a faculty mentor to combine her love of fashion with scientific research. Using a state-of-the-art 3D body scanner and extensively studying dancers’ movements, she’s unlocking a better way to create performance wear.

Knowledge Seekers

Sierra Hansen used her experience in UCARE researching proteins responsible for diseases like Parkinson’s to get prestigious grants and research opportunities. She’s given talks on her findings in Boston and Spain and is taking a gap year to do more research in Germany before going on to her PhD program.

The Path to Getting a Good Job

You’ve heard it: put your head down, check the boxes, just get that degree. Truth is, we don’t live in that world anymore.

You’re going to college to learn so you can do stuff in the future you can’t do now. Nebraska has people who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of college and your preparation for a career or grad school.

Get a Personal Coach

A great career path often starts with success in college. No matter how well you did in high school, everyone can benefit from a little coaching. Nebraska’s academic coaches want to partner with you and offer solid advice on how to get the most out of your college experience.

The Study Stop

Being successful in college means setting aside time to study outside of class. Nebraska has five Study Stop locations across campus where you can go to study alone, in groups or with a tutor for extra help with homework, all for free.

Your Career Guide

The Office of Career Services is an indispensable resource for building your future—even if you don’t know what you want to do just yet. Work with Career Services from your first day on campus to explore career options, find internships, build and polish your resume and connect with potential employers.

Success Workshops

You don’t have to be good at everything to be successful—you just have to know where to find resources to turn weaknesses into strengths. Success Workshops hosted throughout the year can help make your time management, reading, note taking, test prep and study skills even stronger.

Change the World

Research in college makes a difference. You’ll create new knowledge that advances the global conversation about anything from art to science to history. Through UCARE, you can get paid to do research one-on-one with a faculty advisor. Make waves in your field before you graduate.

Go Anywhere

Prepare for a career in an increasingly interconnected world by studying wildlife conservation in Botswana, design in Japan, business in England or just about anything else in more than 50 other countries. The Education Abroad Office will help you plan the perfect experience and figure out how to fund it.

Be A Part of Something Big in Lincoln.

Growing Haymarket Area with the World-Class Pinnacle Bank Arena

Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney, Miranda Lambert, Daniel Tosh, and many more.

Unique Local Concert Venues

Concert venues like the Pinewood Bowl, The Zoo, Bourbon Theatre, Rococo, and The Lied bring your favorite bands and acts to town, like The Album Leaf, Twenty One Pilots, Tory Lanez and more.

12th Best City for Recent College Graduates

NerdWallet “Best Cities for Recent Grads 2016”

Cornerstone of the Booming Silicon Prairie

With world-renowned startups like Hudl, Bulu Box, Nobl and over 100 more

Strong Partnerships Between the Universities & Local Businesses

E-commerce startup Spreetail is located on Innovation Campus

Top 50 Best Bike City of 2016

Bicycling.com’s “50 Best Bike Cities of 2016”

130 Miles of Hiking & Biking Trails

Collaborative, Hard-Working, Good People

Eighth Best City in the Nation

SmartAsset’s “Best Cities of 2016”

Great Downtown Nightlife Just One Block from Campus

Lincoln is the Ultimate College City.

Often, people talk about college towns, but towns don’t have nearly 300,000 in population, or have Jay-Z play a concert there or have Indian, sushi, Thai, and other globally authentic flavors available.

Cities have those characteristics, but not all cities are really college cities, with campus at the heart of downtown, everyone around wearing the school colors on game day and startups and other businesses thriving on student interns and recent graduate talent.

That’s a college city, but what makes Lincoln the ultimate college city is that costs for everything from food to entertainment are low, people are Midwestern-friendly and it ranks highly for safety.

Housing & Learning Communities

Most first-year students must live on campus, meaning you’ll be steps away from classes and student life opportunities. See which one of our 17 residence halls fits you best.

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Live, learn and connect with other students by joining a learning community. It’s an easy way to make friends and take your studies to the next level.

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Nebraska is a Top Public University

25,897 Total Student Body

20,833 Undergraduate

5,064 Graduate & Professional

15.3% Students of Color

35.5% Out-of-State Undergraduate Students (From all 50 states & 130 countries)

25.2 Average Undergraduate ACT score for First-Year Students

1,903 Full-Time Faculty

21:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio

39 Average Undergraduate Class Size

2016–17 enrollment

High Ability

At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we know you have the potential to be a world-changer some day and we want to help you get there. We want to help you grow into the very best version of yourself.

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