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The experiences you Have at Nebraska will build a foundation for your entire career.

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Sydney Trench standing in an elementary school classroom

Prepare for Your Career: Learn by Doing

At Nebraska, you won't have to wait to get your hands dirty with experience in your career field. From day one, you'll have the chance work with professors and other students to engage in unique hands-on learning opportunities—like internships, work study and pre-professional clubs—so you'll have relevant experience before you graduate.

Sydney Trench

Lay a Solid Foundation for Your Career:

Sydney Trench

Sydney Trench found the courage to pursue her passion for teaching and is building a solid foundation for her career through hands-on opportunities.

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Ra'Daniel Arvie standing against in a hallway

Develop Critical Career Skills

Nebraska will support you every step of the way on the path to your dream job. With the guidance of caring professors, you'll grow and develop skills like leadership and effective communication that will set you up for success after graduation. You'll have the opportunity to work 1-to-1 with a career services advisor to find the right internships so you can kickstart your path to a career you'll love.

Ra'Daniel Arvie

Chasing Career Dreams:

Ra'Daniel Arvie

For Ra'Daniel Arvie, getting involved helped him gain career-based skills while building a community around campus.

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Erika Swenson sitting on bleachers

Don't Wait to Start on Your Career Path

At Nebraska you can work alongside faculty and peers to launch businesses, manage nonprofits or make research discoveries that have never existed before—all before you graduate. From the moment you get to campus, you'll meet friendly people who will challenge you to challenge everything.

Erika Swenson

Relevant Experiences, Career Connections:

Erika Swenson

Throughout her time at Nebraska, Erika has had the opportunity to take advantage of unique experiences through her major. She knows that this exploration won't stop after she graduates.

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Ethan Bütt sitting on a chair

Get Hands-On with Internships

Internships are important experiences to have in college because you learn by getting a taste of a potential career. They can also help you decide if you're on the right path to get there. Nebraska's Office of Career Services is here to support you and your career goals from day one, offering advice and connecting you to opportunities to grow your skills by immersing yourself in your field.

Ethan Bütt

Learn the Job by Doing it:

Ethan Bütt

As a software engineering major, Wisconsin-native Ethan Bütt has never had a summer off because he always has an internship or research program lined up.

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Gain New Skills and Earn Money with Work Study

Work-study jobs are paid on-campus positions for students offered based on financial need. You can find work study jobs in almost every area of campus, from Campus Recreation, to Housing and more. Learn a new skill and earn money toward your tuition while working conveniently on campus through a work study job.

samantha thumb

Gain Life Skills, Earn Money:

Samantha Wolff

Secondary broad science education major Samantha Wolff never thought working with students was something she would enjoy. Almost three years later, see how she's earning money while helping elementary students with their homework.

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1-to-1 Career Services Support

The Office of Career Services is a great resource for building your future, even if you're not sure what you want to do yet. Career Advisors can help you at every stage of your job search, from building your resume, to polishing your interview skills—and that's just the beginning.

From a conversation with Director of University Career Services, Tracy Lungrin.

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Hey Tracy! Can you tell us what you do at Nebraska?

My role is to oversee a team that coordinates career advising and development, internships, and employer connections throughout the campus career network.

So what happens when a student walks into your office?

We work with students at all levels of their career development. We help students answer three big questions: "Who am I?" "Who do I want to be?" and "How do I get there?"

Honest question: how does knowing "who am I?" help you prepare for a career?

Helping students understand their interests, skills, values, strengths and environment preferences is critical to helping them become more self-aware. Knowing yourself can help you find a major and career that matches your individual preferences.

Students come in with lots of ideas (some from themselves, others from family) and we offer support and guidance to test those ideas to see if they're a match for the student's future.

That seems really personalized. Do you work 1-to-1 with students to figure that out?

We do. We have career advisors in almost every college, and we have a great team at the Explore Center who helps students who are undecided explore their options.

How do you work with students to test their ideas about their preferences and potential career path?

Beyond coursework, job shadowing, interviewing professionals in the field or joining a career- or major-related club are great ways to learn.
Ultimately, volunteering, getting a part-time job (in a relevant area), or an internship (with hands-on experience) are often the best ways a student can test possible career paths.

How do you help students put themselves out there?

We help generate ideas of how they can explore—maybe it's starting with classes and a club. Then, if they like that but they're still unsure, they can work up to a reaching out to someone for a job shadow.
As students gain more confidence, they can stretch themselves to applying for jobs and internships that connect to their chosen career interests. It's definitely a process.

What if a student realizes that what they're doing is not for them? Is that normal?

It's VERY normal. It might feel like a real setback, but learning what you don't like only propels you forward. You learn so much about yourself when something doesn't work out. It helps you pivot with new insight and awareness.

The idea is that you can take these experiences—good and bad—and then use them to inform your next step, right?

Precisely: Experiment / Learn / Fail / Repeat

It's a process to find out who you are and what you want—how you get there looks different for every individual.

How can students get started with this process now?

Put your career interests to test as soon as you can. If you have strong interests in one or more fields, try out job shadowing or go on college visits and ask about majors and careers.

Don't just do a lot of research online, go talk to people in the field. That's how you really learn!

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Sydney Trench standing in an elementary school classroom Ra'Daniel Arvie standing against in a hallway Erika Swenson sitting on bleachers Ethan Butt sitting on a chair woman studying with girl woman studying with girl

Connect Clubs to Career

With more than 500 Registered Student Organizations to choose from, you are bound to find a support group of other students with similar goals and gain experience toward your career, no matter your academic discipline or dream job. Explore examples of clubs catered to academic programs, or tap the link below to search a list of all clubs and organizations.

See All Registered Student Organizations

CASNR: Engler Agribusiness

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Transform the resources of our strength in agriculture into the next big idea—your idea that will solve a problem, fill a hungry stomach, create a new product, or grow more food with fewer resources.

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ARCH: Fabrication And Construction Team (FACT)

College of Architecture

Get real experience designing buildings and working with nonprofits though FACT, the student design/build program at Nebraska.

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CAS: Model United Nations

College of Arts and Sciences

Explore pressing global issues and possible solutions, refine your public speaking skills and travel to national and international conferences to compete with other Model UN chapters.

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CoB: Alpha Kappa Psi

College of Business

Further develop your professional skills, like networking and job interview etiquette, while engaging with business leaders from both near and afar by joining the oldest and largest business fraternity.

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CEHS: Student International Advisory Committee

College of Education and Human Sciences

Work with other students to increase the awareness of multicultural engagement in CEHS through representation of global voices in the college's administration planning.

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CoE: Theme Park Design Group

College of Engineering

Meet other individuals with a passion for engineering and design, and collaborate on real-world projects, while gaining a better understanding of attraction design through behind-the-scenes tours at theme parks across the country.

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FPA: Theatrix Theatre Company

Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

Work hands-on with professors and professionals working within the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film through this student-run production company.

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CoJMC: Jacht

College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Get course credit working with real companies around Nebraska to gain experience in many aspects of marketing communications, from account services to creative work. Unlike most classes you must apply and be selected to be a part of this course.

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