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Collaborate and co-create with fellow Huskers to prepare for a great career, make a difference and gain lasting friendships.

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Find Community on Campus

When it comes to student engagement, Nebraska ranks in the top 10% of all colleges reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Huskers develop real friendships that lead to meaningful collaborations—from participation in over 500 student-run clubs and organizations to research partnerships that span the globe. When you get involved on campus, you’ll get the chance to bond with people who have different perspectives and backgrounds, giving you insight and helping you develop the skills that employers demand.

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Learn to Solve Problems in the Real World

Through meaningful, 1-to-1 relationships with peers and professors, you’ll have constant access to new people, ideas and experiences. More than that, you’ll get to work with your peers on creating real solutions that matter to real people. Huskers take pride in what we accomplish because our work makes a difference in people’s lives—from feeding the world, to seeking a cure for HIV, to reimagining early childhood education. Let’s build your vision of the future together.

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Caleb Newburn

Newburn’s outlook on college shifted in a positive way after he started a part-time position at Haberfeld Associates in Lincoln. With a new mindset, he decided to enroll in a course that allowed him to get involved and give back to Lincoln. The course provided a fresh insight into his community. It also allowed him to create solutions for rising challenges seen by nonprofits in Lincoln.

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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s new partnership on the Peace Corps Prep program will combine coursework and experiential learning to build competencies for undergraduate students to become Peace Corps volunteers or other international development professionals.

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Collaborate to Co-Create the Future

An important experience on your path to success is finding the right people to support you. Nebraska is a place where you can find people who will push you to be your best. Great things happen when experiences and ideas collide—we do big things here because we do them together. At Nebraska, you’ll create meaningful relationships with your peers and professors and have a constant flow of new ideas and experiences. Best of all, you can make friends and prepare for your future career at the same time.

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Live and Learn With Your Peers

Making the transition from high school to college is easier when you're surrounded by peers who share similar interests and goals. Learning Communities (LC) are groups of students with a shared major or interest area who live in the same residence hall and are mentored by an upperclassman. Joining an LC gives you an instant community of people who like the same things, and can help you make friendships that'll last through college and beyond.

Justice Forte

From Community to Career: Justice Forte

When Justice came to Nebraska from New Jersey, she wasn't sure what to expect. She found the support system she needed to succeed through her learning community. “It was really nice, especially the first couple weeks, to be able to have this group of people to do things with. On our floor, everybody had their doors open all the time and people would just pop in and talk to me, which was really nice as I got used to not having my family and friends nearby anymore.”

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Through a partnership with Rotary International District 5610 out of southern South Dakota, staff from Nebraska Innovation Studio and students from the College of Engineering learning community, Engineering to Change the World, made 30 individual toolboxes for Native American artists who are utilizing the new and developing Whiteclay Makerspace.

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Study Abroad and Experience Another Culture

Studying abroad is a great way to develop leadership skills and get real-world experience solving problems by immersing yourself in another culture. As a student, you will have opportunities to stretch your strengths through programs like service learning abroad. Nebraska will provide you with the support you need to make it happen. From finding the right program to helping you find scholarships, our Education Abroad Office will help you through it every step of the way.

Alexandra Lee

Service Learning Abroad: Alexandra Lee

“I was able to do service learning, which is where you volunteer with an organization while you’re [studying abroad]. I could work at a children’s clinic for one semester, and then I could be in a children’s hospital the second semester, while simultaneously being enrolled at a university in Costa Rica and taking Spanish classes there.”

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Jennifer Au

Nebraska’s Jennifer Au is one of the first Husker students to study abroad after a year-plus of pandemic-related travel restrictions and cancellations. The opportunity to be immersed in Korean language and culture will allow Au to “utilize the skills and language I will learn by applying it to everyday life in South Korea.”

Hoai Vu

Get Involved: Make Friends and Give Back

Nebraska’s campus culture is strong thanks to our diverse and heavily involved student body. One of the easiest ways to meet people who share common interests with you is by getting involved with an on-campus club. With over 500 Registered Student Organizations, Nebraska has clubs for almost every interest, from sustainability, to photography, to hip-hop dance. If you can't find something that excites you, bring people together by forming your own club. 

Hoai Vu

Getting Connected & Finding Home: Hoai Vu

“Taking that class [through the Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services] got me to start hanging out more at the Multicultural Center here on our campus. It started with my friends just being like, ‘Hey, come to this event, try this thing,’ and I started really putting myself out there and forming this big network of people on campus.”

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Alyssa Zizzo

Expand Your Network With Internships

Internships are must-have experiences because they help you develop professional skills through mentorship and learning by doing. Lincoln’s vibrant startup community is home to many fast-growing businesses, making it the perfect place to find internships and make connections with future employers. Organizations like Lincoln Young Professionals can help you polish your professional skills and form bonds with peers with similar goals, so you’ll have the support you need on the way to your dream job. 

Alyssa Zizzo

Connect to Your Career Path: Alyssa Zizzo

“I’ve felt that like with my program and through all my previous internships—I’m so, so tired sometimes, but I still love it—and that's how you know you're passionate about something. I get a spark of excitement just talking about my job. All my past experiences have kind of molded me and taught me everything I needed to get here. I’ve loved it all.”

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Senior journalism and broadcasting major Jennifer Yuma has always known she’d be a writer. After taking a few journalism courses at in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications her freshman year, her dream to become an entertainment writer at a lifestyle magazine solidified.

Get Connected On Campus

No matter your major or interests, you can create and collaborate with peers by joining one of our many Registered Student Organizations. Explore examples of clubs related to academic programs, or tap the link below to search a list of all clubs and organizations.

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